Admission Open at AIOU, Islamabad (2024)


Embarking on a journey of higher education is a transformative experience, and Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in Islamabad is paving the way for accessible and flexible learning. If you are aspiring to further your education, this blog post brings exciting news – admission is now open at AIOU. Let’s delve into the details and explore the enriching opportunities that await you.

Why choose AIOU, Islamabad?

  1. Flexible Learning Environment: AIOU is renowned for its commitment to providing education at your pace. Whether you’re a professional, a parent, or someone with a busy schedule, AIOU’s open and distance learning approach allows you to balance education with other responsibilities.
  2. Diverse Range of Programs: AIOU offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs across various disciplines. From business and humanities to sciences and technology, there’s a program tailored to meet your academic and career aspirations.
  3. Quality Education at Your Doorstep: Based in the capital city, AIOU’s Islamabad campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that students have access to quality education without the need to relocate. The university’s commitment to excellence in education is reflected in its diverse faculty and comprehensive curriculum.

AIOU Admission 2024 Last Date and Admission Form is 20, 2023 (with Late Fee)

Admission Open in Allam Iqbal Open University.

AIOU Prospectus  2024

A prospectus for details about course contents and degree criteria is provided in the prospectus for each program offered. for more details: Prospectus For Information. For overseas students, special instruction is provided at: Overseas Students Admissions

Steps to Apply for Admission at AIOU, Islamabad:

  1. Visit the AIOU Official Website ( Navigate to AIOU Fresh Admissions to explore the programs offered, admission criteria, and application details. Video guideline are also available on the same page.
  2. Choose Your Program: Select the academic program that aligns with your educational and career goals. AIOU offers a diverse range of courses to cater to different interests.
  3. Check Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for your chosen program. Different programs may have specific entry criteria.
  4. Complete Online Admission Form: Fill out the Application for New Admission form accurately, providing all necessary information. Double-check your details before submission.
  5. Payment of Admission Fee: Pay the requisite admission fee through the available online payment options. AIOU typically offers convenient and secure payment methods. Fee can be from Easypaisa, HBL, NBP UBL and ABL
  6. Print Confirmation: After successfully submitting your form and payment, print the confirmation for your records. This document serves as proof of your application.

Exploring AIOU’s Distinctive Features:

  1. Distance Learning Excellence: AIOU’s commitment to distance learning goes beyond just flexibility. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring the classroom experience to your doorstep, ensuring that geographical barriers do not limit your pursuit of knowledge.
  2. Innovative Teaching Methodologies: The university employs innovative teaching methodologies, including multimedia presentations, online resources, and interactive sessions. This ensures that students receive a holistic and engaging learning experience.
  3. Student Support Services: AIOU understands that every student is unique, and to cater to diverse needs, it provides robust student support services. From academic counselling to online resources, students are empowered to succeed throughout their academic journey.

Study Programs Offered by AIOU:

For those in search of flexible and comprehensive distance learning options, Allama Iqbal Open University stands out as the ideal choice. With a rich array of programs catering to various educational levels, students can tailor their academic pursuits to align with their specific interests and career goals. From matriculation to undergraduate, and all the way to Ph.D., AIOU provides a versatile educational platform.

Ph.D.AD degree in CommerceBA [PASS] degree in Mass Communication
MPhil/MS/MSc (Honors)AD degree in Library & Information ScienceBA [PASS] degree in Dars-E-Nizami
AD degree in Finance & AccountingAD degree in ArtsBBA degree in Business Administration
ADE degree in EducationB.COM degree in CommerceBS degree in Arabic
B. ED degree in EducationB. ED (HONS) degree in EducationBS degree in Economics
B.Sc. degree in Library & Information ScienceB.Sc. degree in Quran & TafseerBS degree in Pakistan Studies
BS degree in Hadith & SeerahBS degree in Gender & Women StudiesBS degree in Shariah
BS degree in Islamic StudiesBS degree in Sociology


Admission open at AIOU, Islamabad, symbolizes not just an educational opportunity but a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth. By understanding the admission process, staying informed about important dates, and exploring the unique features that AIOU offers, you are on your way to unlocking a world of possibilities. The flexibility, innovation, and student-centric approach make AIOU a beacon of accessible education in Islamabad. Seize the opportunity, submit your application, and embark on a journey of knowledge and self-discovery at Allama Iqbal Open University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – AIOU Admission in Islamabad:

Remember, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to refer to the official AIOU website or contact the admissions office directly.

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