SliMS stands for Senayan Library Management System a fee and open source library developed in Indonesia and used all over the word for library automation. SLiMS is coded in PhP and mysql or Mariadb is used as database. SLiMS is flatform independent it can be installed on all versions of Windows and Linex it can also be installed on mobile device. SliMS is  has many template and plugins for providing additional functionality to SLiMS. 

SLIMS 8 (Portable) is a complete package of software applications ( Apache,   MySQL  and SLiMs) for  Windows operating  system (windows 7 or higher) the package is  also known as (Psenayan) . This package also consisits of  of the YAZ library which is used for enabling copy-cataloguing (using Z39.50 ). This is the most simplified installation which does not requires separate installation of web server and other applications.

psenayan-8.3.1 64bit

psenayan-8.3.1 32bit

Download Manual PDF Book for Pakistani New Users

Now you can Easily Install and use Main Modules

Download Here

Now you can Download Urdu Version SLiMS 8 Version in Our National Language Translated By Dy. Coordinator Pakistan SLiMS Community 

Aijaz Akhter Ahmedani

psenayan8-x64-Updated-20190719-Urdu by Aijaz Akhter

psenayan8-x86-updated-20190719-Urdu by Aijaz Akhter


Senayan Electronic Thesis and Dissertation System
SETIADI is an open source library management system software licensed under GPL v3. This App build from SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System). This application aims to manage Institutional Repositories such as Thesis and Dissertation.